The Game

Here you can download the release version of Oaraph.
Make sure to read the gamedisciption below to avoid any inconveniences.
We greatly appreciate any form of support, so we encourage everyone to share this game.
If you do, please link to this site and not the downloadfile itself.
Please leave a comment telling us what you think about Oaraph.

If you want to learn more about the game and what is behind, have a look around.


Download Oaraph for Windows
Downlad Oaraph for OS X


What you have to know to play it

A copy of this is in the attached readme.


(Actually PC standard, however I will list them, just in case)

  • turn your character with the mouse
  • walk with W, A, S and D
  • jump with Space
  • interact with objects pressing E
  • fire your ranged attack with left click
  • fire your melee attack with right click
  • zoom the camera with the mousewheel
  • press ESC to call the pause menu (allowing to restart the level)


Some additional info (this might actually be important )

  • You cannot tab out of or minimise the running game. If you do, the gamescreen turns black and you will have to shut down the application through the taskmanager.

  • You will unlock the two different types of attack over the course of the game.
    However, the animation will be played when you press the mouse buttons, whether you enabled your attacks or not.
    If you haven’t (like in the very beginning of the game), there won’t be any effects to the animation.

  • Once enabled, your melee attack will deal damage in a small cone (about 30°) in front of your character when fired.
    This allows you to hit multiple enemies at once.
    While the animation does not respond to the attacks cooldown, the damage applier does.
    If you hit anything, there is an audible feedback (a swoosh noise, to be exact)

  • Once enabled, your ranged attack will cast a green fireball with every click.
    The Ankh symbol serves as a dynamic crosshair once you shoot the first time:

    • it goes black, when the targeted enemy is in range
    • the closer the target gets, the bigger the crosshair grows
    • if a target is too close, the crosshair will fade out until you gain enough distance.

  • You have a life and an energy bar displaed in your hud at the bottom of the screen
    Enemies will cause you to lose lifepoints.
    Firing your ranged attack will cause you to lose energy.
    Both can be restored by pickung up red and green energy-blobs, randomly spawned from destroyed crates.

  • The only objects you can interact with are levers.
    Once you walk right up to them (really close) they will light up.
    You can then press E to flip them.



While we aimed to produce all used assets ourselves, we had to implement a few downloaded models and audio files to keep our schedule.
All of those were free to use at least for private/ non commercial projects (as this game is).
Unfortunately, we were in such a hurry, that we forgot to note who made them.
So if you should recognise any work of your own or someone you know, please send us a message, so we can give credit, where credit is due.

Enjoy our game!

Download Oaraph for Windows
Downlad Oaraph for OS X

If you played it, please take a minute to let us know what you think about it.
Any feedback about the game, the team or this site going along with it is greatly appreciated!

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