Storytime, Ladies and Gentlemen!

أهلا و سهل! (This is egyptian for: Hello!)

Lend me your ears, my friends! The first draft of the story has been written! Let me shortly give you an impression of the story, but sorry, the more detailed one is what you have to experience in the game!

Oaraph, the most popular Pharao ever existing in Egypt has grown old, and can no longer reign the country. After his death, his son follows the throne. But his son, well…is actually a no- good. And that is exactly what the Romans thought. They took the chance to conquer the holy country of Egypt. But the Gods recognized this danger, and started to make a plan. They send back Oaraph to save the country!

Well…thats good, but not what Oaraph wants!


Curious for more? Well then stay tuned! Maybe we make some slight changes to this, but all in all this should be the story! Hopefully you like this!


Tim :)

Posted by: Tim

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