Sprint II

Hey Guys,

Since our website wasn’t ready until two weeks ago,
I hit you with the update on our first sprint in retrospect.

Our updates are supposed to be on time with what we are actually doing right now.
So today I will talk about our plans for the second sprint, which we developed last week, as well as what happened since.
Again, we have a slight delay, but we’re catching up.


Sprint II – The sprintplanning

As we stumbled upon a few Scrum related problems in sprint I, we adapted our workflow accordingly.
I’ll spare you unnecessary details here and just briefly go over the major changes:

  • We made a new scrumboard:
    The first one was pretty small and just roughly drawn, so everything seemed quite chaotic.
    Organisation is very important in scrum and the form of it definately impacts how well you can follow it.
    Our new board is bigger and thus gives us more place to organise our tasks.
    Now you get a good idea of what’s up even from a quick glance.
  • We reworked our userstories
    Apparently, we got the concept of userstories wrong.
    In sprint I, we decided on userstories solely for our first protoype.
    (i.e: „I want a box that moves“)
    We realised, that userstories are supposed to aim at the final product, so we defined our new ones accordingly.
  • We adjusted the way we handle our tasks
    In sprint I, we chose our tasks in a way, that they would completely live up to their related userstory
    (for the example above that would be to build a box that moves), so that after the sprint, we would be done with the whole thing.
    As our new user stories are aiming at the finished product, we scaled our tasks to the current iteration of the game, while keeping the big picture in mind.

In terms of organisation there are still some minor issues that have to be adressed, like filemanagement and how we can make the implementation of single assets into our game quicker and easier – but the solution is a work in progress.


new scrumboard after sprint planning with tasks for s2w1
new scrumboard after sprint planning with tasks for s2w1


Sprint II – Week 1

So what happened since the Sprintplanning?
Quite alot, actually.
Once we worked out our basics in sprint I and got attuned to one another – as well as getting the hang of scrum, we picked up the pace.

As you can see in the picture of your new shiny scrumboard, we still focus on the core elements:
The main character, gamedesign and mechanics and the feedback system (mostly GUI)
But we changed the weight of certain userstories and the way we go about them.
This provided us with the following results:

  •  concept art
  •  the first draft of our 3d character
  •  a close-combat fighting system
  •  functional GUI and menues
  •  a basic plot

and a good deal more in the pipeline.

You can see some of those results already, as their creators posted them below.
We promise to give you some visuals on the rest in the near future as well – so check back soon!

ScrumBoard 1
scrumboard for s2w2
Posted by: Gunnar

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