• 23 years old
  • currently studying Media Science & Practival Media at Bayreuth University
  • allways wanted to get "behind the scenes" of games

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Lead Developer

All started with a love for films and storys in general and soon expanded to games aswell. It literally came to a point where i spent most of the money i earned in apprenticeship for electronic technician for DVDs and Games. It was at that point that i made the decission to study Media Science, which ultimatly led me here where im glad to be part of this great project.



I`ve loved trickfilm and animated shorts ever since. I do see striking parallels between games and animated film. I want to be part of a breakthrough performance: there`s this vision of an almost-never-been-there-before 3D game... As an animator I want to bring objects to life, and that`s why I`m here.