So, two weeks ago we had our first sprint opening.
The sprint will run for two weeks, giving us two „dayli“-scrums and thus a sum of 16 hours of workload for each team member.
Using the framework for the first time, we’re still quite unsure in all the rituals and rules that are Scrum.
We started by defining our userstories and grading them according to how difficult they will be to realise for the whole of our team.
Next, we picked the userstories we deemed most important and split them into single tasks.

whiteboard sprintopening

scrumboard week 1

One part that had to be taken care of wasn’t actually a user story, but still essential to the success of this project: The communication and presentation platforms.
As their preparation – including this blog – was a set of tasks in said two weeks, this first „update“ is in retrospect rather than anticipatory.
Naturally, we haven’t had the opportunity to publish some work in progress as well.

 A quick report on what we did so far:

  • We agreed the major features of our game, as well as the first prototype.
    (which can be seen on our about page.)
  • We went about or first tasks, including:
    • basic movement
    • a basic character model
    • a feedback system/ text GUI
    • a rudimental combat system
    • a first level, mainly to test everything

    and put this all together, creating our first prototype

  • Additionaly we set up a moodboard, to inspire our Artworks and Gamedesign
    since we dont’t have an office, it’s just a google drawing – but it does the job.

    Our virtual moodboard on the first day.
    Our virtual moodboard on the first day.
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