First impressions of our characters

The design of the prototypes for our characters is currently in full courses.

Here are a few impressions of the first prototypes for our characters!



Prototype # 1

Pharao Prototyp 1-1Pharao Prototyp 1-2 Pharao Prototyp 1-3

Prototype # 2

Pharao Prototyp 2-1 Pharao Prototyp 2-2Pharao Prototyp 2-3

We decided to use Prototype # 1 – the depiction of muscular and short-legged pharaoh.



In addition we determined to use different kinds of opponents. A bug-like creature is considered to be one of our opponents.
So far, I created various kinds of a bug-like creature as for instance a scarab:

Prototype # 1 (Scarab)

Käfer Prototyp 1 (Skarabäus)

Prototype # 2

Käfer Prototyp 2

Prototype # 3

Käfer Prototyp 3

Ultimately we agreed to use a mixture of this three prototypes.

New prototypes will be uploaded soon!

Posted by: Nadine

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