aka developement of a ranged attack

In my first draft, I had a targeted ranged attack in mind.
Launching homing missiles at an object in range, when you point at it and fire.
While writing the script, that would mark the targetted enemy and handle the launching,
it occured to me, that basic ranged attacks are hardly ever targeted – nor homing.
They can be fired at any given time in any direction.
Mostly, because they are not only used against foes, but also to destroy certain objects.

So i decided to make the basic ranged attack a really simple one:
It now just fires a projectile at wherever the player is looking.
Any object hit by it will take damage (if it is supposed to be destroyed).
This still took me quite a while, beacuse frankly: 3rd Person is a bitch.
The local difference between the camera and the avatar requires quite a few tricks.

To indicate the players target, I also added a dynamic crosshair:
It swiches colors, when aiming at an enemy and varies in size, depending on how close the object is.
Also, the attack has a minimum range. If an object is too close, the crosshair will disappear, and shooting won’t be possible.

For the projectile I chose a green fireball.
I’m not certain this will make it into the final version – but for now it does the job … and it looks rather awesome.

Green Flameballs
Fireballs in action

Shooting dummies. Notice the changed crosshair
Dynamic crosshair

The homing missile idea is not gone, though. It will be part of a higher rank of the basic attack.
I’m not fully decided, but it might be some chargeable homing attack.
However, this will be one of the features to tackle, if we have some spare time before the deadline.

Posted by: Gunnar

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  1. Ich find gut, dass man ab ner bestimmten Nähe nicht mehr schießen kann :) Dann ist man dazugezwungen den Nahkampf einzusetzen.

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