About Oaraph

Hi there!

This is the official deveolpement blog for Oaraph.
A little game developed by a team of students as part of our class „Gameproduction“ at the University of Bayreuth, Bavaria.

Over the following months we will update this blog regularly and show you the advance of our project.
We’re facing the challenge using the SCRUM framework.
However, due to student-life, our dayli-scrums are held on a weekly basis, covering about eight hours of workload every member has to get done in 7 days time.
We plan on giving you an update with every dayli-scrum, as well as occasional thoughts and screenshots of our work in progress.

Once the project is done – which will be by the time our deadline hits us on July 30th – we’re going to give you our final thoughts in (sort of) a post mortem and, of course, the final result for you to download.

So what is this game about?
We haven’t quite determined a final state of our project, that tells us „the job is done“ once we reach it. Instead, we got a long list of features that would be nice to have, so we will never run out of work. Which ones will make it, depends strongly on how fast we advance with our developement and will be added dynamically in our iterative process.
However, we have some core features, that our game will be based on
(and that probably won’t change … dramatically):

  • Our game will be in 3D
  • The main character will be controlled through 3rd person/ shoulder perspective
  • He will have at least one ranged and one close combat attack to purge his foes
  • There will be foes
  • Levels will be arena style combat, connected by jump’n’run passages
  • This all will be put in an egyptian setting

We will update and adjust this list in our blog entries, according to our developement process.
So check back regularly and get an update on how far we’ve come along.

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